Towards Meaningful Robot Gesture [chapter]

Maha Salem, Stefan Kopp, Ipke Wachsmuth, Frank Joublin
2009 Cognitive Systems Monographs  
Humanoid robot companions that are intended to engage in natural and fluent human-robot interaction are supposed to combine speech with non-verbal modalities for comprehensible and believable behavior. We present an approach to enable the humanoid robot ASIMO to flexibly produce and synchronize speech and co-verbal gestures at run-time, while not being limited to a predefined repertoire of motor action. Since this research challenge has already been tackled in various ways within the domain of
more » ... irtual conversational agents, we build upon the experience gained from the development of a speech and gesture production model used for our virtual human Max. Being one of the most sophisticated multi-modal schedulers, the Articulated Communicator Engine (ACE) has replaced the use of lexicons of canned behaviors with an on-the-spot production of flexibly planned behavior representations. As an underlying action generation architecture, we explain how ACE draws upon a tight, bi-directional coupling of ASIMO's perceptuo-motor system with multi-modal scheduling via both efferent control signals and afferent feedback.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-10403-9_18 fatcat:khyaahs26jewhmxkmpprljzn5u