Mohammed Alnuman, Ryan Alruhaili, Abdullah Almutairi, Abdulrahman Alraddadi, Abdullah Abu-Alnasr, Mohammed Alhusayni, Faisal AlRwithey, AbdulazizAl Jabri, Abdulrahman Alsaedi.
2016 International Journal of Advanced Research  
Medical field is considered stressful as it deals with human life. People expect medical care to be delivered under all circumstances which make this career a demanding one. Depression ranks as one of the major health problem today. There will be a drop in the general health of the world in coming years, if it affects the doctors. Copy Right, IJAR, 2016,. All rights reserved. ......................................................................................................................
more » ... ckground: - Depression is considered as one of the most common mental disorder, characterized by feeling of sad, losing of interest and pleasure, feelings of being guilt and low self-esteem, sleeping and appetite changes, feelings of tiredness, and inability of concentration. -2-"Depression ranks as one of the major health problems of today. Millions of patients suffering from some form of this disorder crowd the psychiatric and general hospitals, the outpatients' clinics, and the offices of private practitioners. Depression may appear as a primary disorder or it may accompany a wide variety of other psychiatric or medical disorder. Not only is depression a prominent cause of human misery but its by-product, suicide, is a leading cause of death in certain age groups" -3-There are more than 350 million people in different ages and races suffering from depression and that was for the recent update of the WHO website in 2013.-4-Going back in 2011 a result of a study about depression was done by WHO was 121 million depressed people in the whole world. -5-Focusing on medical students and the future's doctors who are going to treat the depressed patients. This mission will not be done if doctors themselves are depressed. Medical field is considered stressful as it deals with human life. People expect medical professionals to deliver under all circumstances which make this career a demanding one. -1-Many Studies have reported high rates of psychological morbidity amongst medical students for different reasons as, reduced performance, increased alcohol consumption and suicide. -14-18- According to so many studies were done on medical students. It was found out that the results of some studies about depression among medical students were. Starting with far continents, in Ireland the total medical and The process of research was carried out through the following phases: I-Preparatory phase: During this phase, the following items were covered: A-Survey of literature: The review of literature was collected during the period of one month B-Study variables: socio-demographic data (age, sex, academic year, residence, marital status, living with parents or not and work if present). Then other variables are divided into two groups. The first group is about the general risk factors that affect depression among regular people which are (Chronic diseases, Chronic medications, Smoking, Addiction to something, Major stress events, Daily stress, satisfied with traditions, satisfied with social relations, Satisfied with economic status). -20-The second group is about the specific risk factors that affect the
doi:10.21474/ijar01/1959 fatcat:6okocd7unzgmtbvv75mxhqti4q