Cloudcasting: A New Architecture for Cloud Centric Networks The cloudcasting architecture includes four elements: Cloud Rendezvous Point (CRP), Cloud Switching Point (CSP), Cloud Control (CCC) protocol, and Virtual Extensible Network (VXN) Encapsulation Protocol

Richard Li, Kiran Makhijani, Lin Han
Network overlays play a key role in the adoption of cloud oriented networks, which are required to scale and grow elastically and dynamically up/down and in/out, be provisioned with agility and allow for mobility. Cloud oriented networks span over multiple sites and interconnect with Virtual Private Network (VPN) like services across multiple domains. In literature, there have been some proposals to implement network overlays such as, Virtual eXtensible Local Area Networks (VXLAN) as the data
more » ... XLAN) as the data plane and Border Gateway Protocol/Ethernet VPN (BGP/EVPN) as the control plane. However, none of them meets all the above requirements. This paper presents the new network architecture, called Cloudcasting, along with its reference model and related protocols, both on the control plane and the data plane, which can demonstrably meet all the requirements.