SPS-sintered NaTaO3–Fe2O3 composite exhibits enhanced Seebeck coefficient and electric current

Wilfried Wunderlich, Takao Mori, Oksana Sologub
2013 Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy  
NaTaO3-50wt% Fe2O3 composite ceramics showed a large Seebeck voltage of -300 mV at a temperature gradient of 650 K yielding a constant Seebeck coefficient of more than -500 microV/K over a wide temperature range. We report for the first time that SPS sintering at low temperature 870K could maintain the short-circuit current of -80 microA, which makes this thermoelectric material a possible candidate for high-temperature applications up to 1623 K. The reason for the good performance is the
more » ... rmance is the interface between Fe2O3 and surrounding NaTaO3 perovskite. When spark-plasma sintering (SPS) is used, constitutional vacancies disappeared and the electric conductivity increases remarkably yielding ZT of 0.016.
doi:10.1007/s40243-013-0021-2 fatcat:kcniqrqbyvdepbveu4urls7iiu