Lightweight Frame Topology Optimization Method Based on Multi-objective

Rui Lyu, Hai Liu, Dongying Ju
2018 Journal of Materials Science and Engineering: B  
The application of new materials is an important direction for automotive lightweighting. On the basis of ensuring the comprehensive performance of components, the optimization of new material structures through topology optimization methods can further improve the level of lightweight components. This paper takes the automobile frame as the research object, based on the magnesium alloy, studies the frame topology with the objective function of mass and strength under multiple working
more » ... , and realizes the lightweight of the automobile frame structure through the multi-objective topology optimization method. According to the topological optimization method of penalty function for solid isotropic materials, the objective function of the quality topology optimization and the objective function of intensity topology optimization under multi-operating conditions are defined by the compromised programming approach. This method avoids the disadvantage that single-target topology optimization cannot consider other factors and is suitable for multi-objective topology optimization of continuum structures.
doi:10.17265/2161-6221/2018.3-4.002 fatcat:ijrbiwmynbbqjgvl6jff5vdeue