Impact of Pretreated Rice Bran on Wheat Dough Performance and Barbari Bread Quality

P Taghinia, E Ataye-Salehi, Z Sheikholeslami
2015 J. Agr. Sci. Tech   unpublished
In this research roasted and sonicated rice bran were added at different levels (0, 5, 10, and 15% w/w) to wheat flour for the production of semi-voluminous bread. Dough's rheological properties as well as textural and sensory characteristics of bread were investigated. The results showed that water absorption (%), development time (min) and the degree of dough softening (FU) were increased but dough stability (min) was decreased by adding pretreated rice bran. Adding pretreated rice bran
more » ... sed the moisture content and L* value of bread crust. The texture of samples which contained 10% pretreated rice bran during 3 hours after baking was less stiff than the control. However, there was no significant difference between samples which contained 5, 10% of rice bran and the sample without rice bran (P< 0.05) 48 hours after baking. Finally, the samples with 10% rice bran were selected as the most productive samples in this research by panelists.