Microstructural Analysis of Thermoelastic Response, Nonlinear Creep, and Pervasive Cracking in Heterogeneous Materials

Alden Cook, Alden Chandler Cook, A Bowdoin, Quan Guo, Schlumberger Research
2016 Electronic Theses and Dissertations   unpublished
This dissertation is concerned with the development of robust numerical solution procedures for the generalized micromechanical analysis of linear and nonlinear constitutive behavior in heterogeneous materials. Although the methods developed are applicable in many engineering, geological, and materials science fields, three main areas are explored in this work. First, a numerical methodology is presented for the thermomechanical analysis of heterogeneous materials with a special focus on real
more » ... ial focus on real polycrystalline microstructures obtained using electron backscatter diffraction techniques. Asymptotic expansion homogenization and finite element analysis are employed for micromechanical analysis of polycrystalline materials. Effective thermoelastic properties of polycrystalline materials are determined and compared with existing analytical estimates. Distributions in microscale stresses resulting from different applied loading scenarios are compared and analyzed. Second, the aforementioned methodology is adapted within an iterative numerical framework in order to study nonlinear creep in polyphase aggregates. The proposed solution procedure is capable of 3.7.