Characterization of neat and modified asphalt binders and mixtures in relation to permanent deformation

Iuri S. Bessa, Márcia M. Takahashi, Kamilla L. Vasconcelos, Liedi L. B. Bernucci
2019 Science and Engineering of Composite Materials  
The addition of polymers on asphalt binders aims to enhance their performance, especially at high temperatures, which correspond to rutting resistance. The Superpave rutting parameter (|G*|/sinδ) has been considered to be inadequate to characterize the performance of modified materials, therefore the Multiple Stress Creep and Recovery (MSCR) test was developed, providing the parameter non-recoverable compliance (Jnr). This research has the main objective of correlating asphalt binders
more » ... e-based characterization with rutting resistance of asphalt mixtures, and presents results obtained for one conventional (50/70 penetration grade) and two modified asphalt binders (2.1% RET and 1.9% RET) regarding their rheological characteristics. With the use of the dynamic shear rheometer (DSR), master curves and MSCR results were obtained for the three binders. In addition, permanent deformation tests were performed on the asphalt mixtures by means of laboratory traffic simulation. The rutting characterization indicated higher permanent deformation resistance for the modified binders for the asphalt binder and the asphalt mixture testing. The main conclusions were that the use of modified binder reduced in approximately 50% the Jnr values and the rut depth; also, the asphalt binders' characteristics were able to predict the asphalt mixtures rutting resistance.
doi:10.1515/secm-2019-0022 fatcat:vtxsj7swefgahmvsdsfb3dy3wy