Biological production of ethanol from coal. [Quarterly report], December 22, 1989--March 21, 1990 [report]

1990 unpublished
A batch kinetic study involving Clostridium lungdahlii in a minimal medium was carried out in order to provide baseline data for the effects of nutrients on product ratio and kinetics. The use of this minimal medium containing vitamins, minerals, select amino acids and salts showed both a lower maximum specific growth rate and a lower maximum specific uptake rate than found when using a complex medium supplemented with 0.01% yeast extract. At the same time, the product ratio was improved
more » ... y in favor of ethanol over acetate. Future experiments will measure the effects of ammonia and phosphate limitation on product ratio and process kinetics.
doi:10.2172/10158813 fatcat:bp5p6n6mmjfqbnxhgtuiaxiqoi