A New Species of Asteroschema (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea: Asteroschematidae) from Southwestern Japan

Masanori Okanishi, Toshihiko Fujita
2009 Species Diversity  
A new species of brittle star, Asteroschema amamiense, is described from off Amami-oshima island, southwestern Japan, Asteroschema amamiense is distinguished firom tts congeners in having a sing]e arm spine in each tentacle pore, both polygonal and elongated flat, plate-shaped dermal ossicles on the aboral periphery of the disc and basal portions of the arms, and radial shields composed of a single ossicle, Three species of Asteroschema, inc!uding this new species, and all the species of
more » ... aris have plate-shaped dermal ossicles; a close relationship between all of these species is indicated. Moreover, single ossiele radial shields, which have not previously been reported for any specle$ of Asteroschema, are found both in this new species and two species ofAstrocharis.
doi:10.12782/specdiv.14.115 fatcat:bggo2gfzzfge5llo5e42jkywxm