Multiplets and terms in the first two spectra of columbium

W.F. Meggers, B. F. Scribner
1935 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
In the d ecade which has passed since the first indications of structure in these spectra were found, efforts have been made to improve the fundamental data so that the analyses might be extended. Careful estimates of relative intensities and accurate measurements of wave lengths have been compiled for about 3000 Cb I lines and 2000 Cb II lin es. Results are now r eported for the principal multiplets found in each spectrum. They reveal sextet and quartet terms for Cb I, quintet and triplet
more » ... et and triplet terms for Cb II, and account for most of the stronger lines. The normal state of neutral Cb atoms is represented by (4d 4 5s) ijD and for singly ionized atoms by (4d4)5D.
doi:10.6028/jres.014.038 fatcat:gdtli5bhdvfzrpomdc7af444la