Assessing labour mobility in marine fishing operations in Karnataka

Shyam S Salim, Sujitha Thomas, Shinu AM
2021 International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies  
Mobility of labour across the country continues as a major source of labour supply in ensuring economic development across all sectors including the primary sector. The migrant labour in search of better employment emancipates better living conditions through meaningful employment and better financial status. The coastal states of Maharashtra with commendable marine fish landings provides states with commendable marine fish landings provide ample opportunities for migrant fishing labour across
more » ... he year. The migrant labors are involved in harvest and post harvest operations. The present study tries to assess the major factors leading to labour migration and its effect in the state of Karnataka state. About 100 respondents were met for a primary survey and result reveals that the migration leads to the increase in savings. Majority (57 percent) of the respondents were youth (Below 30). Most respondents completed high school levels of education. The respondents migrated from 5 different states with majority from Jharkhand (36%), Assam (23%) and Orissa (13%) to Mangalore district in Karnataka and the 54 percent respondents migrated in the year 2000. Garrett ranking method assessed the main reason and problems of migration and also used to find the effect of migration on socioeconomic status. The main reason for migration is the low income and the major difficulty during migration was the difficulty in language. The major achievement of the migrant labour had been the quality education provided to their children.
doi:10.22271/fish.2021.v9.i2c.2450 fatcat:uodnjyg45rajtpacoeovwqqvya