A Proposed Algorithm to Detect the Largest Community Based On Depth Level

Mohamed Farrag, Mona Nasr
2017 Int. J. Advanced Networking and Applications   unpublished
The incredible rising of online networks show that these networks are complex and involving massive data.Giving a very strong interest to set of techniques developed for mining these networks. The clique problem is a well-known NP-Hard problem in graph mining. One of the fundamental applications for it is the community detection. It helps to understand and model the network structure which has been a fundamental problem in several fields. In literature, the exponentially increasing computation
more » ... ime of this problem make the quality of these solutions is limited and infeasible for massive graphs. Furthermore, most of the proposed approaches are able to detect only disjoint communities. In this paper, we present a new clique based approach for fast and efficient overlapping community detection. The work overcomes the short falls of clique percolation method (CPM), one of most popular and commonly used methods in this area. The shortfalls occur due to brute force algorithm for enumerating maximal cliques and also the missing out many vertices thatleads to poor node coverage. The proposed work overcome these shortfalls producing NMC method for enumerating maximal cliques then detects overlapping communities using three different community scales based on three different depth levels to assure high nodes coverage and detects the largest communities. The clustering coefficient and cluster density are used to measure the quality. The work also provide experimental results on benchmark real world network to demonstrate the efficiency and compare the new proposed algorithm with CPM method, The proposed algorithm is able to quickly discover the maximal cliques and detects overlapping community with interesting remarks and findings.