1971 Effects of environment on material properties in nuclear systems  
1 psi = 6895 pascal I psf = 47.88 pascal Energy I ft-lbf = 1.3558 joule Moment 1 Ibf-ft = 1.3558 newton meter V l'em peratu re t 1 = 5/9 t~~-32t~~~~ \..i~.. -. 4 iṽ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~. . --. - FOREWORD An important responsibility of the. ~~a tional Bureau of Standards is the dissemination of information to the engineering public. Such information becomes especially significant when it helps prevent t he failure of materials and thereby saves both lives and money. It is thus especially
more » ... ng t hat NBS has been given the opportunity to contribute towards diminishing the incidence of stress corrosion cracking, an increasingly serious mode by which metals fail, by publishing this monograph. Dr. B. Floyd Brown, its aut hor and a former guest worker at NBS, has provided an invaluable tool to the design engineer to help him in the proper selection of materials in order to minimize the danger of fracture by stress corrosion. Dr. Brown calls this a "missionary volume" because its aim is to inculcate the fear of stress corrosion into those who in the past have not always been aware of its possibility. This long needed work would not have been possible without the support provided by t he Advanced Research Projects A gency t hrough the Office of Naval Research. We are also grateful to American University for providing Dr. Brown with the opportunity to write t his monograph. Jerome Kruger Chief. Corrosion and Electrodisposition Section
doi:10.1680/eoeompins.44579.0010 fatcat:zilup4eatnaprjh6tr2osbbkvq