Design Of Control System For Articulated Robot Using Leap Motion Sensor

Mr Rajesh, D Savatekar, Mr Dum
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
In this proposed System, The main aim of a making human hand tracking system, is to create interaction between human hand and robotic arm. Man-machine interaction gives the relation between human and computer. The idea shows the creation of a robotic arm which is as similar to the human arm as possible and not to limit the arm to one set of task. The arm is to be controlled using Leap motion[1] controller in X,Y and Z direction. Similarity of human hand with the robotic arm is the basic aim of
more » ... he project but, there is an underlying aim which is to expand the functionality of the arm, once the basic model is created like as example spot-welding robot. At the same time when we use image processing technique, it is difficult to control, since it needs different identification schemes of hands such as pattern recognition, tracking, color identification and giving X and Y axis to the points. This drawback is removed by our system. We can Configure the Robot without Changing the Program, And also for multiple Operations but based on Application, which you want to use.