M Chellammal
2016 International Journal of Research-Granthaalayah   unpublished
In the present scenario educational curriculum and instructional methods are changing to the challenging needs of the learners. The most important component of the current redevelopment of all subjects' area curricula is the change in focus of instruction from the transmission curriculum to a transactional curriculum. National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) recommends that curriculum should help learners to become constructors of knowledge and emphasizes the active role of teachers in relation
more » ... eachers in relation to the process of knowledge construction. This paper highlights that the Constructivist approach of teaching and learning fosters critical thinking, interactive and reflective attitude, collaborative and inquiry based knowledge among the learners. In the constructivist approach, learners construct their own knowledge by testing ideas and approaches based on their prior knowledge and experience, applying them to new situations and integrating new knowledge gained with preexisting intellectual constructs. It frees teachers to make decisions that enhance and enrich learners' development in all areas.