Investigação do desenvolvimento do placóide do cristalino >i/i< [thesis]

Cecília Gallottini de Magalhães
composition of the cytoskeleton of these protrusions to understand their function during the development of the eye. We observed a large number of protrusions in peri-satellite cells of chicken and mouse embryos. Our quantification results with chicken embryo protrusions showed no correlation between length and direction of emission or with half-life. We also analysed the diversity in the composition of the cytoskeleton, and we found protrusions positive for Cofilin and Tubulin. These data
more » ... st a heterogeneous population of periplacodal protrusions. Finally, we have also identified these protrusions on other ectodermal surfaces of chicken and mouse embryos, suggesting that they play a role in the development of surface ectoderm.
doi:10.11606/d.42.2019.tde-04092019-105146 fatcat:m2iv4ucnvngwvotnntbyimsple