Applications of Digital-Physical Hybrid Real-Time Simulation Platform in Power Systems

Feng Leng, Chengxiong Mao, Dan Wang, Ranran An, Yuan Zhang, Yanjun Zhao, Linglong Cai, Jie Tian
2018 Energies  
Digital-physical hybrid real-time simulation (hybrid simulation) platform integrates the advantages of both digital simulation and physical simulation by combining the physical simulation laboratory and the real-time digital simulator. Based on a 400 V/50 kVA hybrid simulation platform with 500 kVA short-circuit capacity, the hybrid simulation methodology and a Hausdorff distance based accuracy evaluation method are proposed. The case validation of power system fault recurrence is performed
more » ... ugh this platform, and the stability and accuracy are further validated by comparing the hybrid simulation waveform and field-recorded waveform and by evaluating the accuracy with the proposed error index. Two typical application scenarios in power systems are studied subsequently. The static var generator testing shows the hybrid simulation platform can provide system-level testing conditions for power electronics equipment conveniently. The low-voltage ride through standard testing of a photovoltaic inverter indicates that the hybrid simulation platform can be also used for voltage standard testing for various power system apparatus with low cost. With this hybrid simulation platform, the power system simulation and equipment testing can be implemented with many advantages, such as short period of modelling, flexible modification of parameter and network, low cost, and low risk. Based on this powerful tool platform, there will be more application scenarios in future power systems.
doi:10.3390/en11102682 fatcat:7a4brjpaq5bvffqqi6tousotpq