A Review on Geospatial Technologies for Education in Aurangabad City

Pathan Aminkhan, Pallavi, Manisha
In Today's world, day by day new technology had invented as per the user requirement. Information Technology (IT) is developing very rapidly. Remote sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the new technologies. In GIS people have the scope to solve many geographic problems quickly and effectively. These technologies are capable to analyse spatial data about the schools, colleges, university, Hospital, Tourism, traffic etc. The purpose of this project is to examine the
more » ... erent categories of schools in Aurangabad city, Maharashtra, India. It checks the compatibility of GIS with education facilities. We classified four different categories of schools in Aurangabad city, mapped them using Google Earth and KML. We traced these all schools with their exact longitude and latitude and detail information about the particular school is also shown using Google Earth API. People can see covered area about the particular school and area where actual schools are required.