Novel Load Flow Algorithm for Multi-Phase Balanced/ Unbalanced Radial Distribution Systems

Jwan S. Ra'afat Khadim AL-Sujada, Osama Y. Mahmood Al-Rawi
2014 Implementation of Resonant Converter with High Boost Voltage  
In this work, distribution system load flow analysis is formulated and tested for fundamental steady-state and harmonics power flow. For the steady-state analysis, a novel power flow formulation method for the general multiphase balanced and/or unbalanced radial distribution systems is presented. The special topology of the power distribution system has been fully exploited to facilitate obtaining a direct solution using the graph theory. Only one developed matrix used in conjunction with
more » ... junction with simple standard formulation is enough to obtain the power flow solution. This matrix is the branch-path incident matrix. A feature of using this method is that it significantly reduces the number of power flow equations, as compared to conventional methods, hence very low computation time and memory storage. The presence of nonlinear loads in the power system causes the circulation of harmonics currents in the system, leading to harmonics voltage drops. The harmonics flow analysis in this paper, uses the network techniques in conjunction with graph theory resulting in a powerful algorithm for nonlinear load flow analysis. Six pulse converters model were used to represent the nonlinear load. Two MATLAB programs have been built and used to solve for the load flow solution of standard test systems in both steady-state and harmonics cases. The results of the distribution system cases studies are presented and shows a very good resemblance with a standard results. require analytical methods to calculate harmonics in power systems. The harmonic power flow calculations are becoming routine in many power utilities. They are being used regularly in predicting the degree of harmonic penetration in existing systems and in the design of new systems. The accuracy of the results obtained depends to a large extent on the accuracy of the mathematical models used for the various components and that of the simulation technique employed [4, 5].The objective of this work is to provide a novel power flow formulation method for the general multi-phase balanced and/or unbalanced radial distribution system. In the formulation, the special topology of distribution system is to be exploited, to reduce the number of power flow equations, and reduce the computation time and storage, as compared to conventional methods. In the present work a computer program in (MATLAB) is to be developed and applied to standard test systems then a comparison with the results of existing methods in the context of simplicity, accuracy, execution time, adaptability are to be evaluated. Finally, it is aimed to apply the developed method to analyse harmonics load flow in radial distribution systems.
doi:10.15662/ijareeie.2014.0307006 fatcat:dmzt3e4sdrdmrhfwpn3ocxizgm