Deciduous canine morphology in recent Japanese

Hiroyuki Yamada, Yutaka Kunimatsu, Yuzuru Hamada
2016 Anthropological Science. Japanese series  
We aimed to describe crown morphology of deciduous canines in modern Japanese people. The materials *愛知学院大学歯学部口腔解剖学講座 used in this study were extracted deciduous teeth from Japanese individuals comprising 46 children of which sex was already known. The observations have been made by plaster casts taken from the extracted teeth. Parameters for measurements were mesiodistal and labiolingual crown diameters, labiolingual root diameter, enamel bulge of cervical portion, crown height, mesial
more » ... ght, mesial shoulder height, and CMSD (Cusp to Mesial Shoulder Distance). They were measured with digimatic sliding calipers with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. The deciduous canines were generally quite similar in morphology and size between male and female. Viewed from the lingual aspect, marginal ridges and basal tubercle of the upper deciduous canines were observed more frequently than those of the permanent canines. On the other hand, the spine and distal accessary ridge of the upper deciduous canines appeared less frequently when compared with the permanent canines. In the lower canines, ridges and grooves were weekly represented in phenotype as a whole. Odontometrically, the crown size was larger in females than in males. However, the sexual dimorphism was significant for only the mesiodistal and labiolingual crown diameters of the upper deciduous canines. The three indices of crown proportion did not differ significantly between the two sexes. Compared with the permanent canines, the deciduous canines were characterized as follows: 1) the crown index was smaller than 100, showing that the crown outline was elongated in mesiodistal direction in incisal view, 2) the enamel bulge of the cervical portion was relatively significantly thicker, 3) the mesial shoulder was located more closely to the cervical portion in the upper and lower deciduous canines.
doi:10.1537/asj.161024 fatcat:ovtugdtfmncundrvzwofc5bqmy