Measurements of Non-Ionizing Radiation Levels in an Urban Environment

C. Perez-Vega, J.M. Zamanillo
The European Conference on Wireless Technology, 2005.  
In this paper, we resume the results of electromagnetic radiation measurements performed in the urban environment of the city of Santander, in Spain from radioelectric systems that operate in the area of the city of Santander, in the North of Spain. They include mobile telephony, radio and television broadcasting, police and private communications in the VHF and UHF bands. Four different measuring equipments were used, two of them wideband with isotropic probes and two, narrowband with dipole
more » ... tennas. Special attention was put in places such as schools and geriatric residences. Furthermore, a wide survey through the urban area of the city was carried out, collecting more than 20,000 samples at street level which were statistically analyzed.
doi:10.1109/ecwt.2005.1617693 fatcat:x6d2q2ekrvgrfcbgalx45wjkby