Change in individuals without a name. Contextual indicators & the free change-adaptive logic

Guido Vanackere
2003 Logic and Logical Philosophy  
Proof theory and semantics of an adaptive logic that deals adequately with change in individuals with or without a name are presented. New logical constants are introduced, viz. indicators. Within a given context they function as names, predicates and quantifiers at the same time. The thus extended language (of classical logic) has a big expressive power and solvespartly-the (classical) non-logical presuppositions with respect to 'the existence of individuals'. Nevertheless, from a purely
more » ... l point of view, the here presented logic requires nothing but a very intuitive selection of classical models of the premises, viz. the minimally abnormal ones. 1 This notational change is so simple that from my point of view it is amazing that Russell and Whitehead did not use it in their [9] .
doi:10.12775/llp.2003.011 fatcat:yd5ab74mznfqnbre7bmy45cavq