Fault Detection for Scraper Chain Using an Observer-Based Tension Distribution Estimation Algorithm

Xing Zhang, Wei Li, Zhencai Zhu, Fan Jiang
2020 Current Science  
Here we describe a fault detection scheme for a scraper chain based on a new tension distribution estimation algorithm (TDEA). A multi-body dynamic model of the ring chain transmission system (RCTS) has been developed to simulate the actual production environment of the scraper conveyer, and the fixedpoint strain measurement experiment was conducted to validate the system performance of the dynamic model. Because of the difficulties with direct measurement and restrictions of high-cost tension
more » ... ensors, TDEA was achieved using a mathematical modelbased linear state observer for practical applications to monitor tension variation of the scraper chain. Moreover, the desired observer makes it feasible to obtain all the contact forces between ring chains based on the measurable state variables. For research purpose, the proposed fault detection scheme is applicable in detecting chain faults by monitoring the working state of the scraper chain. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the developed method is efficient to detect the occurrence of chain failure.
doi:10.18520/cs/v118/i11/1792-1802 fatcat:xgywsk2frnd4jk5d5fg75swolq