Iryna Lysovska, Olga Ryzhova
2017 Aesthetics and Ethics of Pedagogical Action  
The importance of the theme is caused by modern tendencies of cultural life of society which feels need in the preparing of highly qualified specialists who can work under the conditions of the transformation of all spheres of social life in our country. On this background the deficit of musical-pedagogical investigations has been found especially concerning artistry.It arose in the epoch of Romantism and included external expression of inner feelings. Artistry appears in the interpretation as
more » ... he main factor of musician's appearance. In connection with this the first task of the performer – to emphasize trunk drama line. It absorbs auditory control which covers all elements of sound context.The work of art is "the openness" for countless interpretation. That is why we have poly variety of artistic deliveries of musical imagery. But the performer must strictly control stylistic parameters of the work of art not to distort artistic image.We has chosen as examples K. Dedjussi's two preludes B. Lyatoshynsky's and three preludes to show that they are available to the performer of middle level of fortepiano's preparation.Artistry of the delivery of these images will be consisting in deep concentration on rhythm, strict performance of composer's remarks which underline images. The work on these works of art and their performing in the open concerts will develop the taste to scene incarnation and enrich range of artistry showed in perception and interpretation of musical art.
doi:10.33989/2226-4051.2017.15.175936 fatcat:n3bltz3rxbetxajd6irhblnxhu