High voltage scheme optimization for secondary discharge mitigation in GEM-based detectors

L. Lautner, L. Fabbietti, P. Gasik, T. Klemenz
2019 Journal of Instrumentation  
We investigate the influence of the high voltage scheme elements on the stability of a detector based on a single 10×10 cm^2 area GEM with respect to the secondary discharge occurrence. These violent events pose a major threat to the integrity of GEM detectors and their Front-End Electronics and need to be avoided by any means. For a single GEM setup, we propose a detailed high voltage scheme that is designed to prevent secondary discharges. We determine optimal values of the protection
more » ... s and parasitic capacitances introduced by cables used in the system. The results of this paper may be used as a guideline for the optimization of more complicated multi-GEM detectors.
doi:10.1088/1748-0221/14/08/p08024 fatcat:c5smygmkdbg5xiuh25s7ztvhui