Comparative analysis of the solar dish electricity production

Mihajlo Firak
2005 Thermal Science  
Original scientific paper UDC: 620.92:662.997 BIBLID: 0354-9836, 9 (2005), 3, 69-83 Round par a bolic so lar mir ror is of ten called the so lar or sun dish. Even when the dish is fac eted into sev eral smaller dishes (fac ets) which are all focus ing the sun light in the sin gle point (fo cus), it is called a so lar dish. When so lar ra di a tion to elec tric ity con verter is mounted into the dish fo cus and the sun-track ing sys tem is pro vided, it could be named so lar dish/con verter sys
more » ... ish/con verter sys tem. De pend ing on the sort of the con verter, two prom is ing sys tems which are ap proach ing the com mer cia li sation could be men tioned. These are so lar dish/Stirling sys tem and so lar dish/pho to vol taic sys tem. In this paper, ma jor ity of the tech ni cal and eco nom i cal as pects of the two sys tems are ex am ined and com pared. Two sys tems are cho sen to rep re sent this: SAIC/STM SunDish TM , so lar dish with Stirling heat en gine/gen er a tor, and So lar Sys tems SS20 TM rep re sent ing so lar dish with con cen trat ing pho to voltaic con verter. It is con cluded that so lar dish with con cen trated photovoltaic con verter can have much better cost/per for mance ra tio. It is also con cluded that re cently in tro duced thermoacoustical con verter and photovol taic cav ity con verter, prob a bly des ig nates fu ture de vel op ment of the so lar dish sys tems. World's po ten tial of in stall ing so lar dish sys tems accord ing to geo graphic and cli mate con di tions was es ti mated. Also, the number of so lar dishes which could, in stalled in Croatia, cover yearly state's elec tric ity con sump tion was cal cu lated.
doi:10.2298/tsci0503069f fatcat:is6cpp6eyzczbbje7atml4jhiy