O Dubrovin, V Gusev
In this article, the authors discuss the computerization and automated-zatsiyu technologies in poultry farming. Production is carried out in an automated way on technical and economic criteria. Information technology in the automation technology, processes , production efficiency, technical and economic parameters. Cost-optimal control of technological processes at the present stage of development of the agricultural, more specifically, agricultural engineering science is the highest level of
more » ... tomatic and automated control in the manufacture of products, including poultry [1]. In the near future, when the energy prices of all kinds, of course, an all-time increase (signs of which are already observed at this time), it is possible and reasonable will move partially or completely on technology management, energy criterion. But even the management of time-tested in other subject areas encounters serious economic grounds of opposition from the representatives of the traditional management of technological criteria, in varying degrees, are connected only with the productivity of biological agriculture. The purpose of research-the creation of new scientific and technical solutions use technology indices of production efficiency in the management processes of the poultry industry. Materials and methods of research. For many years it conducted a constant and sufficient productive search for some interim management criteria agricultural technologies that are between pure technology and pure economic characteristics of efficiency of technological processes. In the poultry industry, for example, it is widely known European (Russian) EVI productivity index, measured in relative units and is calculated as follows.