Design Of An Anatomical Simulator For Medical Training. A 3D Printing Project Of Industrial Designers And Medical Students

Juan Sebastián Avila Forero
2018 Zenodo  
The Phantoscar project is a human body simulator recreated in a three-dimensional physical platform, with realistic position of organs and systems, obtained by means of 3D printing, to perform simulations by catheterization or laparoscopy in its specific spatial location within the human body and thus to realize different types of customized surgical simulations. It is the result of coordinated work between designers, engineers and health specialists, based on the use of additive manufacturing
more » ... echnologies, medical image segmentation and polygonal mesh editing (MESH), development of molds and reproductions with synthetic materials and similar properties to the tissues of the human body. KEYWORDS Anatomy, 3D printing, Digital, Sculpture, Education, Simulation.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1219574 fatcat:obqwrhiwcjcn7ap7ytyespjb5q