Recommendation Systems for E-Commerce: A Review

Priya S, Mansoor Hussain D
2017 IJARCCE  
Recommendation as a social process plays ansignificant role wherepeople rely on external knowledge to make decisions about an artifact of interest. Recommendation system is an intelligent system that generates a ranked list of items on which a user might be interested. Nowadays, there is a big variety of different approaches and algorithms for data filtering and recommendation giving.Recommendation techniques can be classified into three major divisions: Collaborative Filtering, Content Based
more » ... d Hybrid Recommendations.This paper compares and elaborates these approaches and discusses their limitations by describing the problems suffered by recommendation techniques. VI. CONCLUSION Recommendation system are anefficient technology that help people to find their interests with less effort,less work and less spending time with more accuracy .This paper explained about the three recommendation system.Thus these recommendation systems have offered many methods for searching and filtering information.Recommender system are rapidly becoming a important tool in E-commerce on the Web and Movie Websites.The improved modelling of users and items, incorporation of the contextual information into the recommendation process, support for multicriteria ratings, and facility of a more flexible and less interfering recommendation process. In future,enhanced clustering algorithms as well as better prediction generation schemes which is used to improve prediction quality for e-commerce have to developed.
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2017.6496 fatcat:657sncidxrcezfoczizqpdj5ye