Experimental Analysis on Glow Plug Hot Surface Ignition C. I. Engine using Methanol as Fuel with Additive

B. Omprakash, B. Durga Prasad
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The concept of using alcohol fuels as alternative to diesel fuel in diesel engine is recent one. The scarcity of transportation petroleum fuels due to the fast depletion of the petroleum deposits and frequent rise in their costs in the international market have spurred many efforts to find alternatives. Alcohols were quickly recognized as prime candidates to displace or replace high octane petroleum fuels. Innovative thinking led to find varies techniques by which alcohol can be used as fuel in
more » ... diesel engine. Amongst the fuel alternative proposed, the most favourest ones are methanol and ethanol. The specific tendency of alcohols to ignite easily from a hot surface makes it suitable to ignite in a diesel engine by different methods. The advantage of this property of alcohols enables to design and construct a new type of engine called surface ignition engine. Methanol and ethanol are very susceptible to surface ignition, this method is very suitable for these fuels. The hot surfaces which, can be used in surface ignition engine are electrically heated glow plug with hot surface. Hence present research work carries the experimental investigation on glow plug hot surface ignition engine, by adding different additives with methanol and ethanol as fuels, with an objective to find the best one performance, emission and compression parameters.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is061049 fatcat:ij6u7ja2kveyjkfdiz5n3ow7kq