Green's Dyadic, Spectral Function, Local Density of States, and Fluctuation Dissipation Theorem [article]

W.C. Chew, W.E.I Sha, Q.I. Dai
2015 arXiv   pre-print
The spectral functions are studied in conjunction with the dyadic Green's functions for various media. The dyadic Green's functions are found using the eigenfunction expansion method for homogeneous, inhomogeneous, periodic, lossless, lossy, and anisotropic media, guided by the Bloch- Floquet theorem. For the lossless media cases, the spectral functions can be directly related to the photon local density of states, and hence, to the electromagnetic energy density. For the lossy case, the
more » ... l function can be related to the field correlation function. Because of these properties, one can derive properties for field correlations and the Langevin-source correlations without resorting to the fluctuation dissipation theorem. The results are corroborated by the fluctuation dissipation theorem. An expression for the local density of states for lossy, inhomogeneous, and dispersive media has also been suggested.
arXiv:1505.01586v1 fatcat:7b5ygujzynhopmbu62uoasqndu