A Comparative Study on the Method of Extracting Edge and Contour Information of Multifunctional Digital Ship Image

Fangping Yin
2017 Polish Maritime Research  
The result of the extraction of the edge and contour information of the multifunctional digital ship image directly affects the evaluation and recognition of the subsequent image quality. At present, the common method used to extract the edge contour information is based on the Canny operator, and there is a problem that the edge is not clear.In order to obtain more accurate edge information, a method of extracting edge and contour information of multimedia digital image based on multi-scale
more » ... phology is proposed. Firstly, the digital ship image is made double filter and the fuzzy threshold segmentation, and then the edge and contour information is extracted by multi-scale morphology. Experiments show that the proposed method can obtain more accurate edge information compared with the other methods.
doi:10.1515/pomr-2017-0127 fatcat:emwkblikxfeavgyeyym6tg6mwq