Evaluating the Thickness of the Security of the Carve Roof Based on SIGMA/W in a Karst Area

Yijun Zhou, Haifeng Guo, Xuan Zheng
With the engineering constructing in the karst area, there is a serious problem on the thickness of the security and deformation of the cave roof. In this paper, it conclusive the degree of the karst development not only influenced by the structure of earth but also influenced by the type of rock and groundwater. The collapse of the karst is influenced by the development of the karst thickness of the quaternary, the intensity of the mining groundwater and water level. Based on getting the
more » ... nt physical mechanical parameters, the finite element model of the karst development foundation is established by the numerical simulation. Simulating the dept of the influence of the foundation. It is meet the building foundation specification deformation when the dept of the karst area is dealt about 7m. Meanwhile checking with the semi-quantitative analysis, the conclusion is consistent with the results of the numerical simulation. The results show that the analysis has a better prediction precision, reliable and reasonable. It is an effective new way to the engineering construction in the karst area.