Suppression of Turbulence by Self-Generated and Imposed Mean Flows

M. G. Shats, H. Xia, H. Punzmann, G. Falkovich
2007 Physical Review Letters  
The first direct experimental evidence of the suppression of quasi-two-dimensional turbulence by mean flows is presented. The flow either is induced externally or appears in the process of spectral condensation due to an inverse cascade in bounded turbulence. The observed suppression of large scales is consistent with an expected reduction in the correlation time of turbulent eddies due to shearing. At high flow velocities, sweeping of the forcing-scale vortices reduces the energy input, leading to a reduction in the turbulence level.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.99.164502 pmid:17995257 fatcat:vootxcbvcbgl3jec6z67w3xzuu