Long noncoding RNAs: A Potential Target In Sepsis-induced Cellular Disorder

Furong Lu, Yuan Hong, Lizhen Liu, Ning Wei, Yao Lin, Junbing He, Yiming Shao
2021 Experimental Cell Research  
Sepsis, an inflammation-related clinical syndrome, is characterized by disrupted immune homeostasis accompanied by infection and multiple organ dysfunction as determined by the Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA). Substantial evidence has recently suggested that lncRNAs orchestrate various biological processes in diseases, and lncRNAs play special roles in the diagnosis and management of sepsis. To date, very few reviews have provided clear and comprehensive clues to demonstrate the
more » ... of lncRNAs in the pathogenesis of sepsis. Based on previously published studies, in this review, we summarize the different functions of lncRNAs in sepsis-induced cellular disorders and sepsis-induced organ failure to show the potential roles of lncRNAs in the diagnosis and management of sepsis. We further depict the function of some lncRNAs known to be pivotal regulators in the pathogenesis of sepsis to discuss the underlying molecular events. Additionally, we list and discuss several hotspots in research on lncRNAs, which may be conducive to future lncRNA-targeted therapeutic approaches for sepsis treatment.
doi:10.1016/j.yexcr.2021.112756 pmid:34384779 fatcat:rz2ygh2bardp7nxa3fmaygai5q