Damage Characterisation of Nanointerleaved Woven CFRP Under Fatigue Loading [post]

Sakineh Fotouhi, Mohamad Fotouhi, Milad Saeedifar, Hamed Saghafi, Giangiacomo Minak, Cristiano Fragassa
2018 unpublished
The use of high strength to weight ratio laminated composites is emerging in marine industry and applications as a very efficient solution for improving productivity. Nevertheless, delamination between the layers is a limiting factor for the wider application of laminated composites, as it reduces the stiffness and strengths of the structure. Interleaving nanofibrous mats between layers of composite laminates has been proved to be an effective method for improving composites delamination
more » ... nce. This paper aims to characterize the effect of interleaved nanofiber on mode I interlaminar properties and failure mechanisms when subjected to static and fatigue loadings. For this purpose, virgin and nanomodified woven laminates were subjected to Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) specimens. Static and fatigue tests were performed and the tests were monitored by acoustic emission technique. The mechanical results showed a 130% increase of delamination toughness for nanomodified specimens in the static loadings and more crack growth resistance in the fatigue loading. The AE results revealed that different type of failure mechanisms was the cause of these improvements for the modified specimens compared with the virgin ones.
doi:10.20944/preprints201809.0437.v1 fatcat:5q62xh374faerhsjgl753c7pui