2 An Overview of the Apology [chapter]

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The contents of the five parts of Gerasimus's are basically: 1) means by which true religion can be discerned, 2) signs of a true disciple of the true religion, 3) a comparison between Christianity and other religions, 4) various testimonies to the life and work of Jesus Christ, and 5) answers to objections regarding the above arguments. As with most Arabic apologetical treatises, Gerasimus's main purpose is twofold. First, it is intended to provide Christians with a handbook of ready response
more » ... o questions posed by Muslims about Christianity. Secondly, it is to encourage wavering Christians in the face of Muslim missionary efforts. Gerasimus defends the credibility of Christian claims concerning the trinity, the incarnation, Christian law, and certain Christian practices where Muslim arguments had begun to sow doubt within the Christian community.17 Gerasimus endeavors to prove to his readers that Christianity can be attested to as the true religion, not only through scriptural demonstrations but also through rational thinking. 17 Griffith 1979, 63-64. 18 The text of parts 1-4 of Gerasimus's Apology has yet to be definitively divided into verses and translated into English, thus at present it is not possible to provide more exact references for quotes from this text. These quotes are of the author's own translation.
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