X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of pulsed laser deposited Co2MnSn and Co2MnSb thin films grown on GaAs (001)

Moti R. Paudel, Christopher S. Wolfe, Naushad Ali, Shane Stadler, Joseph A. Christodoulides, David L. Ederer, Yinwan Li, Thomas A. Callcott, John W. Freeland
2009 Journal of Applied Physics  
We present the structural and element specific magnetic properties of Co 2 MnSn and Co 2 MnSb thin films grown on GaAs ͑100͒ substrates using pulsed laser deposition. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism ͑XMCD͒ spectra were measured for 400 Å thick films at the L 2,3 edges of Co and Mn. Element specific moments for Co and Mn in Co 2 MnSn were calculated from the x-ray absorption and XMCD spectra using the XMCD sum rules. The ratios of orbital to spin magnetic moments for Co and Mn were calculated for Co 2 MnSn and Co 2 MnSb.
doi:10.1063/1.3126502 fatcat:gqj5esz4lrh57owvf5n5hi4f4m