Production of English Stress Beats: The Case of Polish Speakers

Anna Marczak
2008 Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics  
This paper examines part of an experiment devoted to Polish English (hencefore PE) stress production. The experiment was conducted on sixteen adult Polish English speakers. The experimental lexical stratum that I used in the investigation was the list of sentences used in Archibald's (1998) and Waniek-Klimczak's (2002) experiments. A controlled reading list was recorded and then analyzed auditorily. The aim of the pilot study was to analyze the metrical structure of PE penultimate stress in
more » ... er consonant final words. Specifically, my goal was to explain why stress in PE is systematically located on the antepenult syllable in words ending in a consonant. This is unexpected from the point of view of both Polish (where stress is normally assigned to the penult syllable) and English (where in words of this type stress is assigned to the penult or the antepenult, depending on the weight of the penult syllable).
doi:10.2478/v10010-008-0026-7 fatcat:ziszjortynglxe3uoqslmpdray