Energy-absorbing characteristics of the re-entry vehicle landing gear crash box
Энергопоглощающие характеристики краш-бокса посадочного устройства возвращаемого аппарата

Р.О. Луковкин, МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана
2018 Engineering Journal Science and Innovation  
Within MSC.Nastran 2005 an Explicit Solution Sequence, the so-called SOL700 is introduced. Based on LS-Dyna's proven explicit FEM-Solver, it makes accessible explicit solution techniques to the users of MSC.Nastran. This article briefly summarizes the basic functionality of the implementation. CAE / IT III 3. LS-DYNA Anwenderforum, Bamberg 2004 E -III -1 MSC.Nastran Explicit Nonlinear (SOL 700) MSC.Nastran Explicit Nonlinear (SOL 700) is an application module similar to SOL 600 (the implicit
more » ... 00 (the implicit Nonlinear solution based on MSC.Marc) except that it is based on the Dytran LS-DYNA solver and offers a powerful explicit solution to analyze a variety of problems involving short duration, highly dynamic events with severe geometric and material non-linearities. MSC.Nastran SOL 700 will allow users to work within one common modeling environment using the same Bulk Data interface. The NVH, linear and nonlinear models can be used for explicit applications such as crash, crush and drop test simulations. This will dramatically reduce the time spent to build different models for MSC.Nastran and LS-DYNA and it will prevent users from making mistakes because of unfamiliarity between the two programs. MSC.Nastran SOL 700 is being developed in phases. The first phase, available in Nastran 2004R3 supports the explicit structural applications. Later phases will include advanced fluid-structure interaction capabilities, seat belts, air bags and dummy passengers and will be available in various Nastran 2005 point releases. Defining the Model A finite element model consists of a geometric description, which is given by the elements and their nodes and a set of properties associated with the elements, describing their attributes. These properties include material definitions, cross-section definitions in the case of structural elements like beams and shells, and other parameters for contact bodies, springs, dashpots, etc. There may also be constraints that must be included in the model -RBE elements, or "multi-point constraints" or "equations" (linear or nonlinear equations involving several of the fundamental solution variables in the model), or simple "boundary conditions" that are to be imposed throughout the analysis. Nonzero initial conditions, such as initial temperatures, displacements, velocities, and even initial stresses and/or plastic strains may also be specified. The model is described and communicated to MSC.Nastran in the form of a text file, called an MSC.Nastran Input file. You can generate this file using a variety of preprocessor programs such as MSC.Patran or any text editor. It must adhere to MSC.Nastran conventions for the ordering and format of the model information.
doi:10.18698/2308-6033-2018-10-1811 fatcat:k7vr5j4xvbfe5akgsuhh2qlivq