Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, June 10, 1892] [article]

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im. A.fleBAIjl,ileal €oii¥e|^alj^fu^^iia iiiiiiraii croceries. (0UMH !ril|.Ta{«A!«D AI.RIcaT RTRr»:TN, W. T. HEDDLE & CO. cuvooiaxts. Ifeiiairafl Jrtt Irm. VoLXIZ. NANAIMO, BRITISH CCLEIi6£]/, FRIDAY. JPME 10, 1892. A88IZECO (Hoo. H. r. P.CiU'e, Pretldliif.)' CoDtinned tram fu» 4. «ra)«rmt: Special to FBEEPBES8-sGroceiies&PmlAni ------CALL om-------Smith AiHagae lMa«lteitIm. flood* Mtmeeri fraejntepe tn the A y EXCELSI08 BAKBr.ClMMMWar. Thera was o^t spmrH«htio lhe Portion* dl carpet were n
more » ... l carpet were n left *i.le of t« QaS sHh 0913^ Bm msm mm wmmssi __________ > ^lio« ______________ J body. The body was that of a etrona healthy well-deTofoped male person belireen SO and 00 •It old. lie laid on hi* ri(ht front, le riclit arm nodor hi* cheat, with hand irned palm npward*. Left arm thrown bai-li arroaa hi, loin*. The lec* ezteode.t straight ool, ankle* together, aoiea of feet opwarda. T>.e bod* from waiat downward wa* ab.o!ately naked and deetilnte of clothing. The abooldara and rere oovered with a ainslet and •hirt TheUilofthe (hirt wa* thrown np. Underneath the body I fonnd a piece of floor carpet, 2 jeet wale H to 13 feet long. The body lay on thi* carpet. The oUier end of the carpet laying orer the aliirt with the Uil thr over it. Over left botlock wa* a n apparently a alight blood ■Uin. The hemlUy toward* the Are place on an angle with the ekirting board. A space of two feet between imamber door are place. " --gathering slowly. The gallaries are weU ailed. OoMiping and eantnlh among leader* U noticeaM*. 11:30. McKinler hat jnat called tbs Oinveotion to order. 11-JO The Peonsylrtniao datanalaa reeent David Martin as member ^he atlonal Committee from that Sum R. lai they wUI make DO futhar oppeabtoo I tb* adoptioD of that renort. II :U Motion ia pat on the adopthw 11J2 Rexl in order will be the praeenution of aames for eandidalas toe the Preaidency. State* called tar Hatiooal place. Sot . for abont a There waa no Are in the A
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