Improvements in geophysical surface soil assessment and classification using modifying Jenny's equation of soil forming factors in the Sudan Savannah

S Usman S Usman
2013 IOSR Journal of Applied Physics  
Assessment and classification of agricultural surface soil in the Sudan Savannah, Kebbi State Nigeria was carried out from 2008 to 2011 using a modified version of Jenny's equation of soil forming factors. A comprehensive account of major classes of surface soil characteristics was given. The following surface soil components have been covered: temperature and moisture characteristics, topography, parent materials, organisms and land properties. Consequently, the physical agricultural surface
more » ... il conditions in five local government areas of the State: Arewa, Argungu, Augie, Birnin-Kebbi and Dandi are characterised by six major surface moisture characteristics : aquic, aridic, torric, udic, ustic and perudic; 10 topographical classes: backslope, bendy, concave, contour, convex, deeply,flatly, linear-flat and shallow; three major soil biota: ants, earthworms and termites; andseven land characteristics: bad-lands, blown-out-lands, cirque-lands, fertilelands, gulliedlands, miscellaneous and rock-outcrops. The major parent materials are alluvial, colluvial,fluvial and lacustrine. Physically, these parent materials are describe according to theirphysical appearance into fadama clay soils, fadama clay-loam soils, dryland sandy soils,dryland sandy-loam soils, dryland stony soils, and organic-mineral soils. Generally, the studyhas provided a better understanding of the current status of the major physical components ofagricultural soils and overall natural environment for future agricultural economic management in the region.
doi:10.9790/4861-0263746 fatcat:zk6n4hosgvesle45uwow332foy