Controversy over the Notion of "Prenatal Memory (Tainai Kioku)"

Masayuki OHKADO
Journal of Mind-Body Science  
In Japan, the term "prenatal memory" ("tainai kioku" in Japanese), originally referring to memories acquired in mothers' wombs, has come to cover past-life memories, life-betweenlife memories, fetal memories, and birth memories. The publications, lectures, and public appearances of Dr. IKEGAWA Akira not only popularized but raised controversy over the validity of the concept. This article critically examines "expert" criticisms of prenatal memory, and proposes possible solutions to some inherent issues. First, overemphasis on the practical
doi:10.20788/jmbs.29.1_22 fatcat:ycaaxt4jofgrbonvakoeg2hxey