Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking among Adolescents in Ras Tanura Community, Saudi Arabia: A School-based Cross-Sectional Study

Racheal Adepeju Ajibade
2019 Texila international journal of public health  
The proportion of youth involves in cigarette smoking has been escalating in recent years a slight few was known regarding its epidemiology in Rastanura area. The goal of this study was to discover the prevalence of cigarette smoking among adolescents in Rastanura Community, Saudi Arabia. Method: Primary mode of data collection was used through a well-administered questionnaire to the adolescent both in school and the hospital premises. A school-based cross-sectional workup was conducted during
more » ... the period of February to October 2018 of which 6 governmental intermediates and high schools' pupils participated. A total of two hundred and fifty (250) questionnaires was administered. The prevalence of smoking was appraised and statistical analysis was executed including chi-square, frequency, and percentage. The responses from the survey were analyzed using SPSS 20. Result: The overall feedback rate was 82%,30.2%of the respondent reported having tried smoking 29.9% were male while 4.4% female where 69.8% never smoked. The investigations on the rate of frequency of smoking among adolescents in the study area shown with X2 =317.837, p<0.05. Conclusion: Findings from our survey show that the level of smoking among male adolescent is higher than their female counterpart. The adolescents in the study area are aware of negative impact of tobacco, but are still addicted to the act despite the knowledge of the danger it portrays. Therefore, parents and guardian should take up the responsibility to reduce their ward's exposure to tobacco product and excess money that could be used for extravagant spending.
doi:10.21522/ fatcat:zsz4joevr5heritdmlptqhdce4