An Assessment of Sources and Adequacy of Information on Family Planning in Benue State, Nigeria

Gabriel Bundekaan, Gabriel Bundekaan Ugande-An
This study sets out to identify the sources of information on family planning and determine the adequacy of such information in Benue state, Nigeria. Survey research design was employed using questionnaire as our research instrument. Findings revealed that folk songs, town announcers, churches, peer group, family, market place, school, drinking joints, health officers, folktales, mobile phones, radio and television are various sources of information on family planning available in Benue state.
more » ... he study also found a low level of adequacy of information on family planning in Benue State, hence a minimal influence on the audience and the low adoption of the disseminated messages on family planning in Benue State. The study concluded that although a lot of sources of information on family planning are available in Benue State, yet such information is inadequate and does not have a significant influence, hence the low level of its adoption by the audience. The study recommended that information on family planning should be adequate and influential enough to enable Benue audience adopt family planning practices.