Symmetry position/force hybrid control for cooperative object transportation using multiple humanoid robots

Meng-Hung Wu, Shuhei Ogawa, Atsushi Konno
2015 Advanced Robotics  
A symmetry position/force hybrid control framework for cooperative object transportation tasks with multiple humanoid robots is proposed in this paper. In a leader-follower type cooperation, follower robots plan their biped gaits based on the forces generated at their hands after a leader robot moves. Therefore, if the leader robot moves fast (rapidly pulls or pushes the carried object), some of the follower humanoid robots may lose their balance and fall down. The symmetry type cooperation
more » ... ussed in this paper solves this problem because it enables all humanoid robots to move synchronously. The proposed framework is verified by dynamic simulations.
doi:10.1080/01691864.2015.1096212 fatcat:ot3m2hk7mrepfky5bajiskhe2y