Tigrigna language spellchecker and correction system for mobile phone devices

Atakilti Brhanu Kiros, Petros Ukbagergis Aray
2021 International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS)  
This paper presents on the implementation of spellchecker and corrector system in mobile phone devices, such as a smartphone for the low-resourced Tigrigna language. Designing and developing a spell checking for Tigrigna language is a challenging task. Tigrigna script has more than 32 base letters with seven vowels each. Every first letter has six suffixes. Word formation in Tigrigna depends mainly on root-and-pattern morphology and exhibits prefixes, suffixes, and infixes. A few project have
more » ... en done on Tigrigna spellchecker on desktop application and the nature of Ethiopic characters. However, in this work we have proposed a systems modeling for Tigrigna language spellchecker, detecting and correction: a corpus of 430,379 Tigrigna words has been used. To indication the validity of the spellchecker and corrector model and algorithm designed, a prototype is developed. The experiment is tested and accuracy of the prototype for Tigrigna spellchecker and correction system for mobile phone devices achieved 92%. This experiment result shows clearly that the system model is efficient in spellchecking and correcting relevant suggested correct words and reduces the misspelled input words for writing Tigrigna words on mobile phone devices.
doi:10.11591/ijece.v11i3.pp2307-2314 fatcat:6egwiqfppnds5loawnxsg3llze