Samira Dhage, Nathum Shehan, Sawsan, Ali, Faleha Aziz
2013   unpublished
, Department of nursing tecnichal aducation ,college of nursing,university of Basra.Basrah,Iraq. ABSTRACT The sturnus vulgaris is migrate bird to Iraq in (Junwary-April) from all year-The anatomical study of cerebral sturnus vulgaris showed that the oval shape with smooth surface due to the absence of gyrus and sulcus, also it is consist of two cerebral hemispheres ,right and left which separated by medium fissure, another fissure situated between cerebral and cerebellum called transverse
more » ... ed transverse fissure. The weight of right cerebral hemispheres was 2.297±0.0116 g while in the left cerebral hemispheres 2.282±0.0078 g .The length of right part of cerebral hemispheres recorded 14.220±0.759 cm while the left cerebral hemispheres was 12.810±1.767 cm .The interior width of right cerebral hemispheres was 5.930±0.346 cm while in the left cerebral hemispheres 5.920±0.304 cm .the posterior width of right cerebral hemispheres recorded 8.930±0.221 cm while in the left cerebral hemispheres 8.13±0.163 cm. these measures lead to different between right part and left part from cerebral. The histological results revealed that the cerebral consit of cortex and medulla .The cortex constituted the gray matter which has six layers, molecular layer, external granular layer, pyramidal layer, internal granular layer, internal pyramidal layer and multiform layer .In the cortex showed have larg number of pyramid and satellite cells which is importance of vital or activity in migratory bird due to live in various environment. The medulla constituted white matter was located internal which has increase number of dens bundles fibers and galial nerve cells.