A method for the self-calibration of attenuation-measuring systems

Robert L. Peck
1962 Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards Section C Engineering and Instrumentation  
Au g ust 4, 1961) TI10 theory and ex p erim e ntal p r ocedures ar e giv en for t he ~e lf-calib mtio n of i nsert io n Jos~ or .atte nu at i o n-m eas~lJ"ing syste ms. F o u: circui t co nfi gurat ion s a rc d e\"c loped . The ca bbmtlo ns may be o b tall1ed by Simp le graphlCal mean s or by an analyt ical sol u t ion. Expe rimen tal res ul ts are g iven which d emon strate t hat, by u sing t he tec h ll iqu e~ o uUin ecl , atte nual lo n ca bbratlOl1S of hi g h acc uracy may be m ade w it hou
more » ... t re fer ence Lo any p rC\' iou sly cali brated aLlel1 uator .
doi:10.6028/jres.066c.002 fatcat:b5k2ffgl7zagtex2nxgxjukyg4